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Palomar’s accreditation reaffirmed, credits safe

Letter from President Deegan to Campus Community about accreditation reaffirmation on June, 30
Letter from President Deegan to Campus Community about accreditation reaffirmation on June, 30

Don’t worry; all of your college credits at Palomar are still safe.

Over the summer, the Accreditation Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) reaffirmed Palomar’s accreditation status.

Accreditation is the process in which a college’s quality and credibility are evaluated.

These evaluations occur every six years and are conducted by a group not associated with the college. If a college loses its accreditation, credits at that college are no longer transferable and students would no longer receive financial aid.

In early March, a group of 13 accreditors from ACCJC visited the campus. They evaluated the college according to a 425-page self-assessment report written by college officials.

In a June letter sent out by then-College President Robert Deegan, he congratulated the faculty and staff on a job well done.

“I particularly want to acknowledge the Governing Board for its leadership and thank the faculty, staff and administration for their hard work and commitment,” Deegan said in the letter.

The accreditation team congratulated the college on its buildings and infrastructure, its diverse student environment and its library website, according to the exit results of the visit.

The team also offered a list of recommendations for the college, including setting up a new enrollment system, ensuring that there are a sufficient number of staff numbers, and stopping its streak of overspending.

The accreditation team found only two areas where the college isn’t complying, according the Laura Gropen, Palomar’s public information officer.

She added that steps are underway to address those issues. The team made a recommendation regarding the default rate for student loans, which if not reduced, might affect federal funding.

Fern Menezes contributed to this report.

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