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Inside look: Palomar speech and debate gold medal winner

The saying, actions are stronger than words, does not apply to one speech and debate member.

Monica Eslamian has been on Palomar’s speech and debate team since Fall 2013. She is one of the leaders of the team, and she is currently one of the strongest members, her coaches said.

Eslamian has been doing speech and debate since high school, where she got into it accidently. According to Eslamian, in the first two rounds of the competition she froze, but then, after a while, she excelled.

“It came naturally to me,” Eslamian said. “I was always good at making arguments … I would see the teacher writing something on the board (in class) and I would think to myself, ‘I could make an argument out of that.’”

Currently, Eslamian is thinking about transferring to either Northern Arizona University, San Diego State University or University of California San Diego where she will pursue pre law. Her ultimate goal is to be a corporate lawyer.

Eslamian also received a $10,000 scholarship to Grand Canyon University, but she explained that she did not wish to go there.

Chris Lowry, assistant director of the Speech and Debate team, said he is not remorseful about Eslamian transferring. Lowry said that one of the team’s main goals is to help kids transfer to other schools. He also added that many former teammates return later to help out the team, and he hopes that Eslamian will come back to help.

Lowry described Eslamian as someone who excels at helping people, friendly and very competitive. He added that she was also good at helping her teammates form their strategies.

“She is a good returning member that helps her teammates,” Lowry said.

Eslamian also has many other hobbies besides speech and debate. She also likes to work out at the gym, read science fiction and fantasy and play video games like “League of Legends.”

Eslamian recently returned from a national tournament in Cleveland and won a gold medal.

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