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Sowing the seeds of sleep with the ‘Plow’ pose

Susan Whaley demonstrates the mid form yoga pose of The Plow. Belen Laad/The Telescope
Susan Whaley demonstrates the mid form yoga pose of The Plow. Belen Laad/The Telescope

Now that Spring Break has passed and the semester is more than half way over, that means final exams are almost here. This is the time to be getting enough sleep, not staying up all night cramming in study sessions.

Although the days never seem long enough to get everything done, there isn’t anything more important than getting a good night sleep. It is difficult to turn the thought-switch off at night with everything going on in the tornado of college. Sleeping doesn’t always come easily. That is why this week’s yoga pose is focused on catching more Z’s.

The Plow Pose is beneficial to beat insomnia. According to Yoga Journal, it is therapeutic for backaches and headaches as well.

Begin by laying flat on your back. Slowly lift your legs up while your spine remains rested on the floor. Keep your knees straight and begin to round your back as your legs stay parallel with the floor.

Keep breathing as you lower your legs across over your head, toes reaching for the floor. It may be difficult to get your feet all the way to floor. Don’t force it if you aren’t ready as this will only cause injury. Keep doing the pose for a few weeks and gradually your body will become more flexible to ease into the Plow.

To come out of the pose, hug your back with your palms for support and gently lower yourself to the floor.

When you lack sleep, it can have serious effects on your life. Some repercussions from sleep loss are forgetfulness, depression and a weaker sex drive, according to WebMD. Those things are definitely more important than trying to stay up all night doing homework.

Try not to put on any electronics after a winding down session of yoga before bed. Television, computer and even music can wind your energy up again. And definitely don’t do homework right before or in bed.

Don’t even leave your homework next to you in bed. When you do this you begin to associate your place of repose with work, stress and responsibility. The bed should only be your sleeping and relaxation grounds.

Drink a cup of non-caffeinated tea and read a book to fall asleep more easily.

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  • Susan Whaley, The Plow 2015: Belen Laad/The Telescope | All Rights Reserved
  • Susan Whaley, The Plow 2015: Belen Laad/The Telescope
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