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Surf Report: Sit back and watch the pros

Hi everyone. After a long and consistent swell last week, the board stayed in the garage this morning after looking out across the pacific. Highly wind torn storm-wash rolled in lazily as high onshore winds kicked up around 11 a.m. this morning. Outlook for the week seems to be optimistic though, so keep your morning surf slot open on your calendar.

Where are these waves coming from? Well, the waves this morning could be coming from anywhere, possibly some leftovers from the storm that wound it’s way North of us last week. Additional wind swell and spring conditions are contributing, causing Monday’s surf to generally be mixed up and confused. Later in the week it seems there will be a little pick up in swell height, as wind-swell from the outer waters will make its way to shore and provide some rideable waves, according to says to look for Tuesday and Wednesday to be the best days, while the rest of the week will be muddled in pretty strong wind chop.

The Good News: It can only get better from here. While you sit in the storm wash waiting for waves, enjoy the lovely and rising water and air temperatures. It may be time to dig out the 3/2 wetsuit with all the holes in it or go buy a new surf-shirt, spring is here. Also, the ASP world tour surf competition in Bells Beach Australia is on till the 12th, catch it at

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