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What we offer in education, we lack in food options

Ever since I was a freshman here at Palomar (back in 2004…the stone ages), one thing has remained constant. We have updated buildings, new staff, and we’re even getting a new athletic facility. But the cafeteria options…they have stayed the same.

Bene Pizzeria, Subway, Greens to Go, and Grille Works have been the constant staple of fast food that Palomar College has to offer. Only in the last two years ┬áhas the school added a new eating/beverage option (Jamba Juice). I understand that the school has a contract with Aramark, which essentially chooses what we offer in our cafeteria. They also have an an exclusive contract with Coca-Cola. If you’ve walked around the campus, you’ve probably seen that you can’t find a Pepsi machine ANYWHERE.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the school had, let’s say, an In’N’Out or a Chipotle? Maybe getting a contract with some of the local eateries to have food carts out in the Student Union? Food trucks would make a killer profit on campus. Anything would be more exciting than the overpriced, drab menu they offer now.

As students, we should speak to our administration and get them to take a second look at our cafeteria. People’s taste evolve…shouldn’t the food we offer evolve as well?

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