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Fashion club struts to its rebirth with new members

The Fashion Club is back, and they are looking for new members. The Fashion Club held its first meeting of the semester at 3 p.m. on Feb. 5 in FCS-1. They plan on meeting the first Thursday of every month this semester at that same location and everyone is invited to attend.

The intention of the first meeting was to introduce new club members to each other and discuss what the main focus for the club will be for this semester.

Club President Izabella Latrach, a student in her fourth semester at Palomar, led the meeting.

“I’ve always loved clothing since I was a little girl,” Latrach said, who added that her mother named her after a model.

The fashion club had been on a brief hiatus before Latrach assumed the role of president, and she said she plans on “revamping the club from scratch.”

While the main focus of the club is getting students involved in the world of fashion, its members can expect to do more than just work on clothing. Latrach has set up several goals for the club this semester, including raising $2,000 for club events, partaking in local fashion shows, and involving club members with community service.

In fact, community service is a large part of club duties, and is something new that Latrach wants to implement. They include tasks such as clothing drives for orphanages and local hospitals in Mexico and the United States, and knitting beanies for newborns.

Kendell Dolinsky, vice president, said that it didn’t matter what major the student was, or what their experience in fashion had been, they are welcome to come and become part of this community.

Both women stressed the importance of the combination of community and fashion, and view the two as interconnected.

The women have started an Instagram account called Palomar Lookbook, and encourage club members to take and post pictures of fashionably dressed Palomar students, with their permission. They have also started a Facebook account to chronicle club events.

Samantha Bohner, a new club member, said she was new to fashion, but wanted to join this club to network and learn more about this career. The ability to immerse oneself in a future career is unique on campus, so she was excited to join the club.

Rita Campo Griggs, Fashion Club adviser, was present for the meeting and said she understands how important it is to give students a chance to become involved.

She said all different kinds of opportunities were available for members, and she loved the energy and ideas students brought.

Fashion students are provided contacts and the ability to gain exposure for their work, as well as intern for top designers.

Another example of the hands-on experience the club provides is involvement in various fashion shows. The Fashion Club plans on preparing for the upcoming annual Moda Fashion Show, a show that is run and organized by students, which the Fashion Club has previously attended.

This year’s theme is “Global View”and will be held at the California Center for the Arts Concert Hall in Escondido 7 p.m. on May 8. Tickets cost $15 for the orchestra, $12 for the mezzanine and are $20 at the door.

The global theme, Campo Griggs said, reflects the idea that fashion is international, as well as a global, international economic force. As stated by reportlinker. com, the global textiles, apparel and luxury goods market had total revenues of $3 billion in 2011, and the performance of the market is forecast to accelerate to a value of almost $4 billion by the end of 2016.

In addition to Moda, the club will also partake in the Palms Springs fashion show, which will take place March 21-28, and Fash- ion Week in San Diego, whose spring showcase is March 15.

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