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Palomar needs better food

An army moves on its stomach, or so goes the old saying.

We’re willing to bet students are similarly reliant on food.

It’s no secret that a nutritious and healthy diet is important for a successful life. It is especially important for college students who are, let’s face it, pretty prone to unhealthy habits.

Full time students will obviously be spending a lot of time on campus. If the long-lines in the student cafeteria are any indication, a lot of them don’t bring food from home.

In this case, the college should provide adequate, healthy food choices for the staff and students who can’t get their food from elsewhere.

The food provided by Aramark, the foodservice and catering company that supplies the campus, is certainly not atrocious. It’ll do in a pinch for the starving student who has exactly five minutes before his or her next class.

But it could be better.

For one, the food is certainly not the healthiest. There are too many processed foods, too many fried items and the most convenient thing to eat is the pizza.

Even the salads are typically tossed in large amounts of dressing. It’s slightly frightening to think that there could be students who eat it everyday.

The food is also overpriced. Everything is more expensive than it would be at any other store or restaurant.

We get it, we’re paying for convenience. But it’s unfair to take advantage of college students who are probably fairly broke.

Furthermore, Aramark’s offerings on campus are definitely not the most varied. For a campus of over 20,000 students, there should be more than three or four different varieties of food.

Imagine being able to get Chinese food on campus. Imagine being able to eat anything other than pizza, burgers or Subway.

The food supplying situation is complicated at Palomar because the school has a contract with Aramark. Even the Jamba Juice is a franchise owned by the company. All the food has to be Aramark-approved.

Maybe the Aramark contract was the best way to go. Whether it was the cheapest, most convenient or provided the best food. But there had to have been other options.

We think school officials should consider trying to get student feedback on the food, its quality and its pricing. If the feedback is majorly negative, then maybe it is time to reconsider this contract.


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