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The Bookstore is hiring

The Palomar campus bookstore is hiring. The bookstore is perhaps the most convenient job a student attending Palomar could have. It is in a perfect location right next to the cafeteria, and just about every employee who works there is also a student at the school.

It appeared to be a very relaxed job, as the employees there were happy to assist and seemed to enjoy themselves. Most of the employees work part time, and because everyone is a student, the scheduling is very flexible. The employees mentioned this convenience multiple times, and one employee, who is taking 18 credits this semester said it is nice to be able to go to class, come to work for six hours and then go to another class.

If you have not been to the bookstore, it is certainly a busy place during the lunch hours of the day, but it is well staffed. The bookstore has about 30 to 40 permanent employees, but during the rush weeks they hire another 100-115.

Arturo, an employee who works at the bookstore, said he excels there because of the “upbeat” atmosphere there, and that everyone works together like a team.

Working a shift at the bookstore would include tasks like greeting, and helping customers find specific items. You will learn to operate a computer program that is the database the company uses to order, and search for items. Of course you will be operating cash registers and dealing with the logistical side of working in a store. This includes stocking the shelves and moving items around the store.

If you are interested in working at the bookstore, simply go to, go to the about us and click on careers. Once there, go to apply now, then retail and warehouse, and finally you will type in the zip code of the school which is 92069.

Article by staff writer Zachary Watson.


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