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Child Development Club Hosts Guest Speaker About Professionalism

A Palomar College club is inviting the public to listen to a guest speaker talk about professionalism at 7 p.m. on Sept. 2 in room MD-206.

The Child Development Club is hosting the event, and everyone is invited. Students are encouraged to attend and learn about professionalism, while seeing what the club has to offer. Palomar’s Career Center Coordinator, Pippa Pierce, will be the guest speaker for the event, according to Laurel Anderson, who is one of the club sponsors.

According to Office of Student Affairs website the Child Development Club is “a group of students who strive to serve in ways to make the world a better place — one child at a time.”

Sid Matlock, president and treasurer of the Childhood Development Club, said the clubs’ main role is to participate in volunteer work and to pass down useful information about resources for club members.

Professionalism is an attribute that many employers look for in prospecting employees. Many careers involve working with kids and being professional at the same time.

“Professionalism is important to our club because the majority of the students are on the career path. Many of the students aspire or are already in the early childhood career path. The students will be or are working with children in a variety of settings, and it is very important to our profession that we are professional,” Anderson said in an email.


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