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Too much football talk during Super Bowl time

Perhaps it is the country, the state or just the city I live in, but no matter what the reason is people need to stop talking non-stop about football and the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII.

Two people across the room at work or school talking about the Super Bowl are trying to make me the meat and cheese to their football sandwich. I don’t want to take part in the conversation. I don’t want to be in the sandwich.

Feb. 2 is Super Bowl XLVIII or 48. The Denver Broncos will be playing against the Seattle Seahawks. Someone at my work told me. And no, I did not ask, nor do I care.

According to the Super Bowl in 2013 brought in an average of 108.7 million viewers and 26.1 million people responded about the game using social media outlet Twitter.

Football season in 2013 started in Sept. according to That is five months of being bombarded and forced to listen to stats, facts, outrage, opinion and fantasy football outcomes from my coworkers, classmate and Facebook.

As a taxpayer I am already forced to take part in football at no choice of my own. According to state taxpayers pay for 70 percent of the cost of football stadiums.

If people got worked-up about political, global and even local issues that actually affect their daily lives maybe it would bring more awareness for good change.

Issues such as an increase in minimum wage is something I find important to daily life. Also, the report that was released earlier in Jan. on what happened in Benghazi in 2013 affect the country in a huge way. People should get riled up about that stuff.

People who love football are emotional creatures. Watching football-watchers is more exciting and entertaining than the game itself: curse words flying from mouths at every play, arms flailing around and constantly standing up to shout at the television.

Which ever team wins no money of mine will be lost, no feelings of mine will be hurt and I will sleep soundly. I don’t care if other people shed football-shaped tears or shriek from excitement just as long as I don’t have to hear it all the way across the street.

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