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The Boston Tea Party does not compare

The fact that an organization such as the Tea Party exists, should be an embarrassment to anyone who claims to be an American.

The Tea Party has simultaneously managed to do both unrepairable damage to the Republican party, while also refusing to work with a Democratic President on everything from the Affordable Care act to repairing the ailing economy.

So hellbent is this group on forwarding their asinine agenda, that they managed to bring the entire country to its knees in one, last-ditch attempt at defunding the Affordable Care Act; despite having failed 40-plus times prior.

And all of that for what? Nothing.

The only thing members of the Tea Party have completed successfully is to provide the Republican party with the lowest approval ratings ever.

Back in 2008 when President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden beat Sen. John McCain and then Gov. Sarah Palin by a sizable margin, instead of simply accepting the fact that the American people had spoken, fringe members of the Republican party were so incensed by their loss that they banded together and created the Tea Party.

Initially the Tea Party was just something people gossiped, and or laughed about during their lunch break. It didn’t take long though for such iconic standouts as Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul and others, to become endless fodder to commentators such as Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper and even Bill O’ Reilly.

O’Reilly is by no stretch of the imagination, pro-Democrat. Yet, even he was smart enough to distance himself from the irrational die-hards who have continued relentlessly pursuing their destructive agenda.

I don’t understand how members of the Tea Party sleep at night. How can a person both despise all social programs, yet insist on policing someone’s body that they’ve never met? And let’s not forget the Tea Party’s stance on guns.

Despite a slew of hand-gun induced massacres occurring everywhere from elementary schools to a Navy yard, members of the Tea Party seem to remain convinced that sticking to an us vs. them stance and encouraging people to load up on weapons and ammo is the best option.

People who are scared are much easier to control than those who ask questions and expect real answers.

There is nothing positive the Tea Party can contribute to the United States. They are the final members of the deteriorating group that used to rule this country: Old money, white-male-dominated decision making and religion.

On the up-side, the Tea Party is doing a marvelous job of being their own worst enemy. That makes me really happy. It’s wonderful to see them do more damage to themselves than anyone else, wasting their time and energy on such a worthless cause.


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