Top Ten 1980s Songs of the Year

This is DJ Holly with a great top music list. TOP TEN 80s WHAT WAS THE SONG OF THE YEAR?

Curious to know what was the TOP 80’s song for that year? While I do top songs on my show each week I was more curious as to what song each was the top for that year? So I looked it up and thought I would share it with my listeners! Follow the links to the YouTube for those who don’t know what the song is. I will see you all next week for another great Top 10 80’s list. Stay tuned to listen to my radio show on Tuesdays Retro 80’s Hits 9am to 12pm  on KKSM AM 1320.


  1. 1980 “Call Me” -Blondie


  1. 1981 “Bette Davis Eyes”-Kim Carnes


  1. 1982 “Physical”-Olivia Newton John


  1. 1983 “Every Breath You Take”-The Police


  1. 1984 “When Doves Cry”-Prince


  1. 1985 “Careless Whisper”-Wham!


  1. 1986 “That’s What Friends Are For”-Dionne Warwick & friends


  1. 1987 “Walk Like an Egyptian”-The Bangles


  1. 1988 “Faith”-George Michael


  1. 1989 “Look Away”-Chicago