Top 80s Songs About Taking Pictures

This is DJ Holly with a great top music list. TOP 80’s SONGS ABOUT TAKING PICTURES!!!!


I love taking pictures and I am sure many of my listeners do as well. I know in the 80’s I began to take pictures with a camera that had film the had to be developed. And we got our first video camera recorder in 1988. I have found a list of 10 great 80’s songs that are about taking pictures that will remind you how great it is. Enjoy this fun little list! Follow the links to the youtube for those who don’t know what the song is. I will see you all next week for another great Top 10 80’s list. Stay tuned to listen to my radio show on Tuesdays Retro 80’s Hits 9-12pm on KKSM AM 1320


  1. Freeze Frame- The J. Geils Band 1981


  1. Pictures of You-The Cure 1989


  1. Girls on Film-Duran Duran 1981


  1. My Camera Never Lies-Bucks Fizz 1982


  1. Turning Japanese-The Vapors 1980


  1. Centerfold-The J. Geils Band 1981


  1. Take Another Picture-Quarterflash 1983


  1. Camera-R.E.M. 1984


  1. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)-A Flock of Seagulls 1983

  1. I’ll Wait-Van Halen 1984