Top 10 New Wavish Whatnots and Folderols

10 New Wavish Whatnots & Folderols

Farney Jacobite Nunchuck Tetrazine Faust here filling in for J. Kevin Anderson. He wanted me to do this blog entry for him because he doesn’t know how to use YouTube and is still over in the corner crying about how the vinyl LPs he used to buy used for $3.00 are now marked up about 800%, and that it’ll be a tepid day in the deepest pit of Hell before he’ll spend $30 on a reissue of  Talking Heads’  “Remain In Light.”

According to AllMusic: “During the late ’70s and early ’80s, New Wave was a catch-all term for the music that directly followed punk rock; often, the term encompassed punk itself, as well. In retrospect, it became clear that the music following punk could be divided, more or less, into two categories — post-punk and new wave. Where post-punk was arty, difficult, and challenging, new wave was pop music, pure and simple. It retained the fresh vigor and irreverence of punk music, as well as a fascination with electronics, style, and art. Therefore, there was a lot of stylistic diversity to new wave.”

According to Ralph Wiggum: “My cat’s breath smells like cat food.”

As far as New Wave artists go, many might think… Devo! Oingo Boingo! The B-52’s! Indeed they are! But here’s some other stuff Kevin and I enjoy that also considers itself quite likable. You can HOWL to stuff like this and also stuff that is nothing like this at all on Thursday nights from 6 to 9 on KKSM.


1. “Talk Talk” by Talk Talk
from the album “The Party’s Over” (1982)


2. “Mental Hopscotch” by Missing Persons
from the EP “Missing Persons” (1980)


3. “When The Lights Go Out” by Naked Eyes
from the album “Burning Bridges” (1983)


4. “Mexican Radio” by Wall of Voodoo
from the album “Call Of The West” (1982)


5. “Johnny Are You Queer?” by Josie Cotton
from the album “Convertible Music” (1982)


6. “Clean, Clean” by The Buggles
from the album “The Age of Plastic” (1980)


7. “You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties” by Jona Lewie
single release (1980)


8. “Making Plans For Nigel” by XTC
from the album “Drums and Wires” (1979)


9. “Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful?” by The Waitresses
from the album “Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful?” (1982)


10. “(It’s The Eighties, So Where’s Our) Rocket Packs” by Daniel Amos
from the album “Vox Humana” (1984)


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