Review: Señor Grubby’s

Here is Stephany, host of Oldies with Stephany, with this week’s review!

As a Chicana, I am a little judgmental when it comes to places that sell Mexican food. This weekend, I was lucky enough to visit a restaurant while I was working that impressed me. I had absolutely no expectations of this place, but it is now a place in which I will be inviting friends over for some food and drinks.


Located in downtown Oceanside, Señor Grubby’s is just at walking distance from the famous Oceanside pier. Walking inside the restaurant, it may seem a little small and a bit loud. After interacting with the staff, they were nothing but friendly. They had every football game available and families joined together to support their teams.


Since I was working, I was not allowed to have any alcoholic drinks. I wasn’t even allowed to eat; but the smells of every dish they passed in front of us made our stomach grumble. Our conversations were heard about how we were getting hungry from just looking and smelling all the dishes. We were given a menu and were told to pick whatever we wanted. I chose the carne asada torta. I am a HUGE fan of tortas and this one did not disappoint at all. It was a decent size that will satisfy you. Everything inside the torta was very well proportioned and even though I am not a fan of chipotle sauce; the sauce inside that torta gave it a nice subtle kick to it.


Overall, the friendly environment of the restaurant is the reason I would return. It’s very inviting and the food smells incredible. Next time I visit the restaurant, it will not be for work and I will have more liberty to taste more of what they offer. If you are up for a fun and relaxed time with friends and family, I would definitely recommend Señor Grubby’s.