img_0081.jpgWe were honored to be invited by Lionsgate to interview director Roland Emerich and actors Ed Skrein and Luke Kleintank on their new historic epic film ‘Midway‘ at the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, CA. The movie set to be released during Veterans Day weekend this year. The movie Midway (2019) takes moviegoers back to 1942 to focus on real life stories about the Battle of Midway during World War II. This epic story gives great insights as to what happened after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the miracle heroes who fought during the Battle of the Midway.

From the director that brought you blockbuster films like Independence Day, Godzilla and The Patriot, Emmerich has been wanting to make this movie for almost two decades. He expressed that this film is a good reminder to audiences both young and old that there were young people in our past history who were fighting for democracy. Further hoping that this film both educates and entertains audience’s as they also realize what a united America can do contrast to the current divide of people we see in society today.

Ed and Luke further talked about the emotional heaviness in filming this movie and emphasized the responsibility that came with this role, as well as the desire to respect their characters. Luke also explained his fascination with this important war event in American history was inspired by his family’s involvement in the war: his grandfather was a WW2 veteran. Taking on this role meant not only getting a glimpse, but also honoring his family’s legacy. The Battle of Midway, Skrein explains, was a successful battle; however, the film begs the question: at what cost? These important themes can be seen in the film in theaters this Veterans weekend.

The history was an absolute turning point during the the Pacific war against Japan. If it hadn’t been for this miracle victory we could have been living in a different world today. Additionally, we also got a chance to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the actual historic aircraft carrier ship at the museum. Its also very interactive and you can walk through the aircraft carrier. Therefore, we hope you consider visiting the USS Midway Museum as your next must see stop during your vacation destination here in San Diego.

Get ready to soak up some history this Veterans Day weekend – Catch ‘Midway‘ flying to a theater near you on Friday, November 8th!