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Advertising Information


Interested in placing an advertisement in The Telescope or Impact Magazine? Want your message to be seen by thousands of local college students? Contact us!

Our newspaper reaches thousands of students, faculty and staff at Palomar College through the Spring semester in addition to a constantly-updated website. We offer a variety print and online ads to local and national businesses and interest groups.

Click here, here and here for fliers with more information.

Our dates of publication for the Fall 2019 semester are as follows:

Issue #1 Sep. 9, 2019
Issue #2 Sep. 30, 2019
Issue #3 Oct. 21, 2019
Issue #4 Nov. 12, 2019
Issue #5 Dec. 9, 2019

If you want to place an ad in either the newspaper or magazine publication, please email us at or call our newsroom at  760-891-7865.


The Telescope is pleased to offer local and national businesses an opportunity to reach our web-savvy readers through website display ads.

With hundreds of unique hits per day, and with more than 50% of traffic from returning visitors, The Telescope‘s website offers advertisers an opportunity to reach a large and loyal audience of college students, Palomar College faculty and members of the wider San Marcos community.

Ads can be in traditional, static JPG format. We also offer high-impact, dynamic ad space your business can fill with video, audio or interactive graphics.

Our new website permits targeted advertising that ensures your ad is only displayed to customers reading relevant articles or viewing related content. This will keep the cost of your ad campaign down and ensure interested readers and directed to your products.

In-house design services are available to clients at a negotiable rate. You may also elect to design your own ad and submit it to us for placement on the website.