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A Week In The Newsroom

A quick run-down of our weekly production process.

Note: Both staff writers and editors are expected to report on and write articles. Editors publish fewer reports over the semester and focus on curating their section, editing work coming in from staff writers and setting overall strategies for the newspaper. Staff writers report, write and revise articles. Photographers work with the photo editor to take pictures of and file images for assignments.


Section editors assign stories and photos for next week’s issue. Staff writers pick up new assignments for the next issue and spruce up articles held for the current week.

During production week, editors and designers sketch and layout pages, usually staying in the newsroom till roughly 10 p.m..


Staff writers work on assigned stories.

Editors and designers continue working on the designing their pages. Once completed, pages are copy edited and revised several time before they are declared complete. Finalized pages are sent to the printer at or around 10 p.m..


Staff writers and editors work on stories for the next issue.

Editor-in-chief and senior editors review “soft proofs” of pages sent by the printer. If copy or color mistakes are present, the pages are revised and re-sent to printer.


Staff writers and editors work on stories for the next issue.



Staff writers and editors send completed stories to the section editor. Stories are then edited and sent back to writer for revisions.