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How much do you know about Club Rush?

It’s that time of year. Classes are filling up and Palomar students are warming up to their new routine at the start of the semester, but how do they warm up to their community?

Not enough students have heard about the spring semester’s Club Rush event happening on Feb. 6, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

When asked about club rush, first year student Marianna Michel said, “I just saw a post about it this morning.” Another first year student, Samantha Montero said ,”not just off the top of my head,” when asked what she knew about the event the day before Club Rush.

There aren’t any informative flyers on campus regarding the event, especially in the heavily populated areas like the cafeteria or student union. Unless students go directly to the Palomar website or do some personal inquiring, they are limited to the information.

Club Rush is an effective way to meet other students with similar interests, explore a new hobby, and build community within the new semester. The event also benefits those who think about proposing a new club idea.

Can’t seem to find a club to join?

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