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Ajeng McCunney: President of the Anthropology Club

Ajeng McCunney has been interested in anthropology since she was young. Her environment around her, being historically and culturally filled, led to her passion for studying human culture.

Anthropology is the study of human culture, whether it’s our behavior, language, or our biology. Ajeng McCunney is a student at Palomar College and the president of the Anthropology Club, and she is very passionate to not only be the one to share the questions of our humanity, but also wishes to be the one to answer them.

“Cultural heritage has been everywhere…as long as I can remember…always been a part of my life,” McCunney said.

McCunney first came to Palomar in 2016, where she originally didn’t have an interest in focusing on anthropology. McCunney’s desire to be a part of something led her to take an archaeology course where she was introduced to the anthropology club.

From simply being a member to being the secretary to now being the president of the club shows the dedication and passion she has for anthropology.

“Bringing people into the world of anthropology…” has always been her goal when becoming president. With being president, McCunney has several duties and responsibilities to maintain and achieve to keep the club in check.

“My main thing is to try to get people involved…I want to make sure everyone is always getting information,” she said.

McCunney set the club to have two meetings a month. The first meeting of the month is something that will bring the club together, like having movie nights that have an anthropology or archeology theme. The second meeting is assigned to guest speakers or club members to present their international experiences with studying anthropology.

Through her experiences, she wishes that it will bring more people to ask questions about how to get more involved in the anthropology field.

“Some people are just not sure…how to experience a different culture…or perform a study for school or work…so this is an opportunity for them to come in and see…there’s a way for me to do it…” she said.

McCunney and her team are always planning field trips and activities to help the people around them gain more experience and opportunities in the anthropology field.

“When I was first here, it was very much archaeology based…but I’ve been trying to push to make it more anthropology based so it’s not so contained,” she said.

McCunney’s overall goal is to become an archaeological conservator, where she plans to take part in cleaning, preserving, and researching artifacts.

“I wouldn’t have these opportunities if it wasn’t for Palomar,” she said.

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