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Getting a locker is incredibly easy.

Students complain about how hard it is to get a locker. But the process is straightforward if you go through the process.

Students who want a locker first need to get an activity card either online or from the Student Access and Engagement Center at SU-19.

However, the activity card is not free. The cost of 15 dollars may seem like an unnecessary bar of entry, but it also prevents students from constantly creating and losing their cards.

Once you have gotten your activity card from the card printer in SU-19, you can request the most convenient building for your locker. Then, you will be provided with the locker number and code, and are free to use your locker, according to Joenetta Benjamin.

However, there are some restrictions on who can get a locker. Art and ceramics students are not allowed to use the lockers. While this may seem like a huge reduction in students who can apply for a locker, many students do not take art classes.

The locker process is not complicated, and the bar for getting one is very low. Getting a locker can all be done in person and for a marginal fee. The lockers are easily accessible, available in buildings all across the campus, can be signed up for in just one day in between classes, and are available to the majority of students. The process is quick and easy.


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  • lockers: Cynthia Cunningham

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