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Volunteer Opportunities For Palomar Students

Service Learning Department is offering volunteer opportunities to students through multiple organizations.

These opportunities are a chance for students to gain volunteer hours while also giving back to their community.

Last Wednesday, August 30, several nonprofit groups gathered near the Student Union to give college students a chance to help out their community. Sign-up sheets were displayed on the table, ready to be filled up, and flyers were handed out to students who were interested. Unfortunately, these pop-up booths did not receive a lot of traction throughout the day, leaving many applicable sign-up sheets empty. Luckily, these opportunities still remain available.

While last Wednesday happened to be the only day these organizations were on campus, it is not too late to sign up. Of the many organizations that visited Palomar, most are still open for availability to students who want to learn and develop with the community around them.

The Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation is a non-profit organization based out of Carlsbad whose mission is to provide hands-on educational experiences to volunteers in order to help preserve the nature and wildlife of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon. This foundation offers many volunteer opportunities to students, much of which include working directly outdoors among nature. Approaching in October, they will also be taking volunteers every Friday and Saturday night during the month for the annual Haunted Corn Maze at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company.

Solutions For Change is another non-profit organization whose mission is to solve family homelessness hopefully. They are located in Vista, California. Their volunteer work involves helping out and serving dinner to struggling families around San Diego.

Center Stage Productions is a youth theatre group in Escondido that strives to inspire young adults to become leaders. This organization provides a safe and inclusive environment to students who are interested in musical theatre. Volunteers who work here can expect to learn about all things theatre arts.

Additionally, Interfaith and Love Esco are organizations that are partnered with nonprofits that provide many local services to people in need. Each of these services is a potential volunteer opportunity for a Palomar student to give back to their community.

These are just a few of the many volunteer opportunities that are being offered here at Palomar. To learn more about these organizations or to get information on others that were not mentioned, check out the link below. The Student Learning website also has a lot to offer for students who need volunteer hours.

Each of these organizations provides a unique experience for students to learn a little bit more about themselves and give back to others. The hands-on approach that SLD provides to students gives them a different way to learn and grow outside of school. Most importantly, these opportunities are beneficial to students who need community service hours.

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