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Introducing New Board Member Cassandra Schaeg

On March 21, 2023, Palomar College’s Governing board welcomes a new member, Cassandra Schaeg, for a seat in area #2. Area #2 consists of responsibilities involving the communities in San Marcos and Escondido.

“I understand the role of governance in education and the fiduciary responsibilities of public institutions.” Schaeg wrote in an email to The Telescope.

Schaeg heard about the open position for Palomar College’s Governing Board by listening and following the city government’s community updates. “When Christian Garcia was appointed to the City of Escondido’s District 3 seat, I learned of this opportunity and decided to apply to continue community impact through advocacy and education,” Schaeg wrote.


Schaeg has been a business owner since 2015 and the founder of SIP Wine & Beer. Being raised in Temecula, she was familiar with wine merchandise and decided to reside and start her business in 2014. Schaeg has been an entrepreneur for over eight years and spent over 20 years in the social services and education field. She is a community college graduate which helped her understand and learn the college system. She has a Master’s of Public Administration that specializes in Public Finance. Schaeg also has her own television show called Fresh Glass that airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on KPBS.

“It was the community that believed in and helped me navigate the college system. Paying it forward and representing students and the community in governance is an honor,” Schaeg wrote. Education has always been an important part of Schaeg’s journey, which is what pushed her to run for the open seat for area #2. Schaeg is familiar with different backgrounds in communities, saying “From working with tribal communities to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs.” Schaeg wrote. Those moments taught her just how important education is.

The new governing board member plans to serve students across campus. Schaeg hopes through her future plans, that she will endure student success through policy and advocacy.

“I look forward to meeting you and carrying out Palomar’s mission to prepare students to engage with our local and global communities,” Schaeg wrote.


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  • Cassandra-Schaeg-headshot-2-1080×675: Courtesy of Palomar News | Used With Permission

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