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Palomar’s Arts Media Lab Is Open!

SAN MARCOS – Located in the art department, room C-13 is where you will find Palomar’s Arts Media Lab (AML). The lab is open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The AML is an all-inclusive space that offers areas for students to study, work, explore collections of art-related material, or even take a power nap. The lab provides a welcoming and relaxing ambiance that furthers its appeal.

In the AML, one can find a multitude of tools available to use to complete tasks. Whether you are completing regular homework tasks or looking to explore a new or old hobby, the lab offers programs such as Reason, Finale, Maya, Adobe, and Office; while also having Macs and PCs for use.

Outside of programs, the lab contains things such as a colored printer, music scores, art DVDs, VHS, and art to view.

The AML also has certain things available online through the Palomar website. It features things like a YouTube channel they have developed for students that contains various channels they are subscribed to that are art related. The YouTube channel also has playlists consisting of videos to improve one’s own skill, gain more knowledge, or tour a museum.

The AML also has a blog section where they post art-related news and events – and even information regarding opportunities for students involved in the art field.

For example, coming up in March, AML is encouraging students to take the opportunity of National Portfolio Day Association, where they review and give advice on how to improve their portfolio. More information on this event can be found here.

Connect with the Arts Media Lab here, and the AML Youtube Channel here!


Image Sources

  • Arts Media Lab: Trina McLeary/The Telescope | All Rights Reserved

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