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Softball is 15-0 and isn’t slowing down.

The Comets are on a role this season starting 15-0 overall and 3-0 in conference play along with being ranked number one in the state. As they look to keep their unbeaten streak going, Softball’s next game is against Southwestern on March 24.

When talking to Head Coach Lacey Craft about the success that they have had so far this season Craft said, “This team is playing every game tough, they have overcome a lot of those internal challenges to get their training in for this season – despite facility issues, weather challenges, and most of them that missed seasons or games from COVID in the past. They are aware that every game is an opportunity for them to enjoy the training they’ve put in and they are special – they aren’t going to let one go by without a great effort from all parts of the team.”

Although Softball looks to have a great season, like this one, every year things change. “At this level, every year is different since we always transfer half the team and bring another new half in – it’s always a new team with different challenges,” said Craft in an interview via email.

The Palomar College Softball team is ranked number one in the state of California. Although they are ranked number one in the state it doesn’t mean they are going to stop working hard.

“But being at number one doesn’t mean the work stops. It’s a battle to make it to the top and an even tougher battle to stay there. But we like a challenge and keep grinding every day to stay at number one,” said sophomore Aaliyah Rivas

Hard work and preparation are what coach Craft values the most. “As a coach, I have always put a lot of emphasis on work ethic and preparation, both in the classroom and on the field. We’ve had so much success in our softball program based on our student athletes ability to exhibit a strong work ethic in everything they do…,” said Craft

With the success being so high this year and the team believing in what coach Craft values as a coach, pitcher India Caldwell believes, “… it shows that we put in the work and that as a team we show up ready to play. Again I believe it comes from working hard on and off the field.”

“The vibe In the dugout is always positive and we always try and lift each other up. We’re a well bonded team that gets along and loves to see each other succeed,” said Allyson Amato.

Although the season seems smooth sailing, that’s not always the case. When things aren’t going the way the Comets’ had expected during the game. Craft is always there to remind the team to “focus and rely on our training and preparation. It’s only possible to have that approach if we work hard at practice so we are prepared for in game challenges and adversity. We create intentional and specifically designed situations and drills at practice so that our players can develop skill sets that they can rely on in games,” said Craft.

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