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Women’s History Month Events at Palomar College

SAN MARCOS – From discussions to film viewings, Palomar College is hosting events to help students advocate and empower women for Women’s History Month.

This month different clubs, speakers, professors, and more are giving presentations in honor of Women’s History Month. The events range from discussions, film screenings, lectures, and more. On March 8, the Women’s and Gender Studies Club hosted a discussion on the gender pay gap in the United States.

Gender and Women’s Studies Club at the Cookies for Consent event, October 2022 “I was excited to see the excellent turnout for our gender pay gap,” said Gabby Le, the president of the Women’s and Gender Studies Club. “Our lecture focused on three contributing reasons for the gender pay gap; those being disparities in education, historical trends in vocational payment on a gender basis, and discrimination in the workplace.”

According to a 2021 study done by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, overall, women earned about $.82 for every dollar men earned; Hispanic or Latina women earned about $.58 and Black women earned about $.63 for every dollar White men earned. The study also found that the pay gap is also impacted by education and that women with less than a high school diploma experience the greatest gap in pay.

“I think the club was able to create a pretty dynamic discussion environment and we had many people share their own insights and perspectives. We had a great time!” Le mentioned when asked about the discussion.

Le is also the co-president of the That’s On Period club which will be hosting a discussion with the club on period poverty, which will focus on combating the stigma surrounding menstruation, and what students can do to fight period poverty. According to a 2021 study from PERIOD and Thinx, 23% of students have struggled to afford period products.

Le won’t only be hosting events throughout Women’s History Month, but she will also be attending them. One event she’s excited about is Fashion and Feminism Through the Years, which is hosted by Palomar College’s Fashion Department, taking place in person on March 20 at 2 P.M. in room FD4.

“This is super interesting to me since fashion and consumerism are a big part of American culture and I am excited to learn about its intersection with feminism and how clothing functions as a socio-cultural performance of ideals and values,” Le said.

When asked what she hopes people take away from the Women’s History Month events, Le explained that it’s everyone’s responsibility to not only advocate and stand up for women but also to celebrate and empower them.

“I hope the greatest thing people take away from the events this month is that advocating, celebrating, and standing up for women is a very intersectional duty,” Le explained. “The social concepts and topics discussed this month really showcase the multifaceted nature of Gender and Women Studies and I hope that people are able to understand and be open to these nuances.”

Find out more information on the events being held for Women’s History Month here.

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