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Women’s History Month at Palomar College: That’s On Period Club

SAN MARCOS – Happy Women’s History Month.

At Palomar College, the Thats On Period Club aims to not only be a safe space for women and other individuals on campus but to also put an end to period poverty and menstruation stigmatization as a whole.

The club is focused on issues surrounding women and other gender minorities, being a great voice and representation for the students on campus, as well as being a reflection of the changes we are seeing in societal norms and values. Gabby Le, the co-founder of the club, gives more insight into this month and why it is important to them.

Along with their primary focus and goal, Le stated through email, “Celebrating Women’s History Month is a way for our club to honor the activists who paved the way for us and recommit ourselves to the work we’re doing now!” According to Le, this month is an important time for all to be open-minded and have the goal of community in mind, always working towards growth.

So, what is period poverty and why should it be important to you? Period poverty is an inability to have proper access to menstruation materials that primarily affects low-income individuals but can affect anyone and everyone.

The That’s On Period Club has made great progress in bringing awareness to this issue, as well as fighting it through things such as donations.

“It’s also important to remember that those impacted by period poverty are not just cis-gendered women, many of the LGBTQ+ community who identify along other lines of the gender spectrum also have periods and experience period poverty. The cost of period products put a strain on not just individual menstruators but their close circles and families,” stated Le.

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Women’s History Month digital art piece generated by DALL·E 2

In honor of this month, the club hosted a lecture discussion on March 15 for Palomar students through zoom to discuss the issue of period poverty and similar aspects surrounding it.

It is important for Palomar students to know that the club is not a women-only organization. “One of the things we want our students to understand is that this movement is for everyone, and any person can participate in leading our community discussions, sharing their perspective regardless of whether or not they menstruate, and helping organize donation events that help support menstruators directly, yes, but by extension also their families!” Le states.

The club has already had big success on the Palomar campus through their hosted events and donation services offered, so what are they planning on doing next?

With their focus mainly on Palomar, Le states, “We’re hoping to get Palomar College to begin integrating free product dispensaries in their bathrooms following AB 367, a bill that now mandates this for all public schools and colleges. We’re also committed to aiding the Escondido and San Marcos area and we donate our products directly back to this community in addition to the donations we make to Palomar students and families.”

For more information on the Thats On Period Club visit their Instagram: thatsonperiodca

To contact the Thats On Period Club:


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