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“Bravura” – Palomar College’s Literary Journal

SAN MARCOS – Palomar College’s literary journal “Bravura”, is an artistic platform for all students of Palomar who wish to share their art with the collective. Established in 1964; the journal is run by students/editors and its professors from English 137: The Literary Magazine – History and Production, the journal is funded solely by students fees and by the English department.

Some students featured in “Bravura” were eventually published on other platforms globally, leading them to further pursue their degrees in art, English, creative writing, and so on. The site leads us with strong visual artwork that gives the viewer options to explore the journal’s archives, meet the staff, and even have a virtual gala.

Whether it be poetry, prose, or visual art, “Bravura” encourages all creative students to submit their work. As of now, there is currently an Annual Design Cover Contest going on, with the deadline being March 15th.

Any and all information about the journal, its archives, and submission details can be found on the official website, or by contacting Professors, Stacey Trujillo,, and Clare Rolens, regarding any other questions.

Image Sources

  • Telescope Arts Graphic: Trina McLeary | The Telescope | All Rights Reserved

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