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Palomar College’s Clubs and Community

THUMBS UP – Palomar College offers clubs for a variety of interests from anthropology to K-Pop Dancing, which gives students a chance to share their passions and make new friends.

I believe the clubs offered by the school, which have been created for and by students, are a great way for students to build the community within the school. Clubs provide a safe space to share a passion and are a great way to meet new people and hear new opinions.

The most interesting feature about the clubs to me is that they range from special interest, such as the Palomar Anime and Manga Club, to helping students grow within their degree path, like the Palomar College Chemistry Club; and even help students embrace their culture, like the Palomar Umoja Club.

Not only is there a variety of clubs to choose from, but students can still apply to form a new club if their interest isn’t represented. This allows all students to feel included and adds to the sense of community within the school.

I feel that clubs, and having a sense of community within all aspects of life, are important to developing ourselves and helping our ability to think critically about the world around us. With how tough it is to build a community at college, due to many students taking only a couple of classes on campus, the ability to join a club is a wonderful benefit to being on campus.

To learn more about clubs offered at Palomar, click the link below –

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