High Tech = High Pay Career Event For Women

Palomar College will be holding a panel of “High-Performing” Women on Saturday, January 17, 2015 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Women’s Museum of California • Liberty Station • San Deigo, CA. The FREE event, “High Tech = High Pay For Women: Your Career Path,” will offer valuable insight and guidance to women seeking entry into the workforce as well as those seeking career growth. AAUW is excited about technology as a means to reach one’s career potential through competitive skill-building since all career paths now require computer and other technical skills. High-tech skills will increase in demand in the 21st Century economy.

Attendees will hear from a panel of “High-Performing” Women who will share their career paths. “Inspiring role models in technical careers are important because the US Dept. of Labor reports that the wide range of high tech industries pay considerably more than other industries, but women are notably missing from this career sector,” observes Lillian Payn, Academic Technology Coordinator at Palomar College and event coordinator. For example, only one in ten computer science grads and 13% of software engineers are women.

The panelists will identify the high tech trends in San Diego as well as local science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educational opportunities. The panel of high-performing women includes Stephanie Burns (Founder & CEO / CHIC CEO, LLC), Bettina Heinz (Professor, Chemistry / Palomar College), Jackie Julien (Adjunct, Chemistry / Palomar College & CSUSM), STEM Advisor: Celia Martinez (CSU San Marcos / Palomar College), and Lillian Payn (Professor, Graphic Communications / Palomar College.

Each attendee will receive a free Executive Summary: Why So Few? Women in STEM.  For more information about the High Tech = High Pay Careers for Women event, please contact Lillian Payn at lpayn@palomar.edu.

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QR Codes for Learning? YES!


You are invited to attend a live ONLINE session using the Blackboard Collaborate Tool.

QR Codes for Learning? YES!”

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
12 noon – 1 pm (Pacific)

You and your students are seeing them everywhere. QR codes. You have probably used them to get coupons or find directions. Certainly your students have! Let’s get on the bandwagon and take advantage of this free technology for learning. The uses are limited only by your imagination. Get your students to interact with their learning using smart devices. In this hands-on workshop you will identify ways to use QR codes for your discipline and learn how to create and scan codes.

For a free account:  http://www.onefortraining.org/seminars

To register for this workshop: http://www.onefortraining.org/webinars/12fa/qrcodes

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“Design Crimes” :: How to Solve Them


You are invited to attend a live ONLINE session using the Blackboard Collaborate Tool.

Design Crimes”
How to Solve Them

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
12 noon – 1 pm



We don’t want to leave a trail of victims after our presentations. That would be a shame, since design crimes are avoidable. In this online session, you will identify typical “law-breaking crimes” and see the solutions that are pleasing to the eye and deliver a strong message. Join Guy Noire, super sleuth, who will solve common design crimes in presentation and screen design!  This will be an online, interactive workshop about  presentation and screen design.

For a free account:  http://www.onefortraining.org/seminars

To register for this workshop; http://www.onefortraining.org/webinars/12fa/designcrimes



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PANEL: Smart Pads for Learning

PANEL: Smart Pads for Learning

with Marty Furch, ESL; Chris Norcross, ATRC; Gary Sosa, ESL; Rick Tallman, EME; Jennifer Dame, Apple, Inc.

Wednesday, 10/3/12, 3 – 5 pm
LL 109
(2 PD hours PD # 314)

The emerging technology of handheld devices is offering more and more opportunities to engage our students, expand our learning resources, and provide on-demand learning experiences. Learning no longer takes place only in the classroom. With over half of our students owning some kind of smart handheld device (according to a recent Palomar poll and a national research survey by Apple Computers), it is to our advantage to learn new techniques for incorporating smart phones, iPads, Kindles, etc. in our tool kit. Come to see what a panel of Palomar College faculty is doing with smart pads in their classrooms!

Be sure to bring your own hand-held device.
(Please attend even if you don’t have a Smart Pad, since this is an opportunity to ask questions.)

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WORKSHOP: Palomar College’s Best Practices Checklist (for Online Classes)

with Barb Kelber (TERB) and Greg Gushansky (Curriculum Committee)

Wednesday, 9/26/12, 3 – 5 pm in LL 109
(PD # 312 – 2 Professional Development hours)

This checklist, developed by the Academic Technology Committee in collaboration with the Palomar College Faculty Senate and TERB, is one of the approved methods to become a “Trained Instructor” for online teaching. It provides a roadmap to developing a high quality course beginning with the online syllabus and continuing with course design/organization, aesthetic design, interaction and collaboration, effective use of technology and assessments. It also includes compliance with Section 508 standards of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in order to provide universal access for all students. Participants in this session will apply the checklist to their own courses as well as explore how to use it as a peer reviewer.

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PANEL: Online Showcase

PANEL: Online Showcase

Haydn Davis, Kelley Falcone, Gregg Kelley, Wade Rollins, Al Trujillo

Wednesday, 9/19/12, 3 – 5 pm
MD 221
(2 PD hours PD # 309)

Curious about what your colleagues are doing in their online classes? A panel of Palomar College instructors from a wide range of disciplines will show you their inspiring classes. What works? What doesn’t work? How do they use social networking? How do they engage their students? You will be able to ask questions, and you will be sure to leave with many new ideas that you can apply to your own classes.


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PANEL: Hybrid and Flipped Alternatives


Wednesday, 9/12/12, 3 – 5 pm  
Palomar College, MD 322

Many educators are experimenting with the idea of a flipped classroom model. Find out what it is and why everyone’s talking about it. There is no “ONE” model for innovative alternatives to online delivery; the flipped and hybrid classes are enhanced through instructional videos and other technology as powerful tools for teachers to create content, share resources, and improve practice. Our panel, representing a range of disciplines on campus, will share how they distribute their content and interact with their students online and in person. The concluding discussion will give attendees many tips and techniques that they can implement in their own classes.

Every attendee and participant will receive a FREE license for YouSeeU,
an online presentation application.


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PANEL: Students Share Online Experiences

PANEL: Students Share Online Experiences

Friday, 9/7/12, 9 – 11 am in MD 322

(PD # 306 – 2 Professional Development hours)

Have you talked with your students about their online learning experiences? Whether your answer is “Yes” or “No,” this session will be sure to offer insights into our students’ perspectives. A panel of students from a range of backgrounds and majors will share what works and what doesn’t work for them, and then answer our questions. Faculty will leave the session with ideas to improve or enhance their online delivery

Please contact lpayn@palomar.edu if you have any questions.

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POET Training Series

Introduction to Palomar Online Education Training series: PD Workshop # 32

If you haven’t received a certificate that validates that you are prepared to teach online, this session is for you! Or if you are an expert, review the BEST PRACTICES for online teaching and learning.

We shall introduce the POET series in this hands-on Workshop:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 3 – 5 pm in LL 109

If you haven’t signed up for Palomar College Professional Development hours, not to worry. Just show up!

During this session you will enroll and begin to work in the POET modules, which will then be completed on your own. The modules will take approximately 10-12 hours to complete. If you chose to do all the activities and reinforcement media, it could take longer. You can also return to the modules at any time, even after you completed your certificate to view the media or review.

Note that this is not Blackboard training. Rather, POET focuses on “Best Practices” to teach online at Palomar College. Also, “show and tell” with a Palomar faculty.

Can’t make the session? Contact me in order to get started in POET!

For more information: LPayn@palomar.edu

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FREE eReader Clinic!


Learn how to download digital media from the library to your Kindle, iPad, laptop, etc.

San Diego Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Branch Library
9005 Aero Drive, San Diego, CA 92123-2312

Tuesday, 8/21/12 6 – 8 pm.

San Diego AAUW sponsor. 

For more information, please contact lpayn@palomar.edu


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