Tutor Recommended Resources

English Department Writing Tutors work with hundreds of students every semester and see students struggling with many of the same issues in their writing. The following resources are recommended by our tutors and address some of the most common issues covered in their sessions with students.

Comma Usage

Grammar Guys video on comma usage.

a downloadable PowerPoint on Conquering the Comma

Semi-Colon vs. Colon

Videos in the links below explain colons, semi-colons, and the difference between the two:


colons vs. semi-colons


Run-on Sentences, Comma Splices, and Sentence Fragments

Prezi mini-lesson on comma splices

Schmoop provides especially entertaining explanations of all kinds of grammar topics, including this video on comma splices by schmoop.

Another video on comma splices explained.


interactive exercise on verb tense

subject-verb agreement PowerPoint


pronoun antecedent explanation and exercises

Transition Strategies and “Flow”

handout on Transition Words