Resources for Writers

Palomar College Resources


Palomar College offers a variety of “Skillshops,” which are short sessions designed to help students in a variety of areas, including study skills, personal enrichment, financial aid, and more. They are free, offered at convenient times and locations, and are taught by instructors, counselors, and other experts. Click HERE for a complete calendar of offerings.

Information Literary (How to work with source material and avoid plagiarism)

For help with research and documentation, Palomar College has an on-line Information Literacy course that can be accessed at  Palomar College Dashboard: A Student Guide to Using Information Ethically & Accurately.


If English is not your first language, ESL Tutoring for all subjects is available on the San Marcos campus, in H-222. Stop by or call (760) 744-1150, ext. 4482, to schedule an appointment.



On-line Resources

For all aspects of academic (college level) writing, check out the Purdue Online Writing Lab or the Dartmouth Writing Program. These sites cover everything from deciding on a topic and drafting various types of papers to documenting sources (using MLA, APA or Chicago style) and editing grammar and punctuation.

English Language learners might want to consult Capital Community College’s Guide to Grammar and Writing.

Other useful references are Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary/ Thesaurus/ Encyclopedia, Bartleby’s Great Books Online (quotations and literature) and Project Gutenberg’s Free eBooks.


Grammar Sites

Khan Academy has numerous tutorials on writing, grammar, style and punctuation. Check out Kahn’s Grammar Series  on YouTube. There is also a grammar and punctuation review on the Kahn site that provides explanation for specific issues by looking at individual SAT questions and discussing the reason for correct answers.

Grammar Girl offers explanations of a range of issues that confound writers.  Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips site provides quick links to her most recent tips, as well as links to Grammar Girl YouTube channel and options to subscribe to a daily podcast.

Schmoop produces especially entertaining explanations of all sorts of grammar topics. Try comma splices by schmoop and check out their other selections once you’re there.


Tutor Recommended Resources

The sites listed above provide an abundance of information on a wide range of grammar and writing related issues. The Tutor Recommended Resources page offers on-line or downloadable resources that address specific issues, such as comma usage and run-on sentences, that tutors find are common problems for student writers.