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Syllabus: On-line Class

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The calendars linked to this page tell you what work you need to complete each week.  

The date for each Monday (the number itself) is a link. (The only exceptions will be Monday holidays, when the page will be linked to Tuesday's date.)  Click on the date in the calendar and you will see a more detailed This Week's Work page that will tell you exactly what needs to be done over the next week, along with links necessary to complete the work.  Online reading assignments also appear as links in the calendars; click on them to go to the assigned work.  Always read the This Week's Work page to find the specific instructions for the week's  work.  Always read it completely, before the week begins, and ask any questions if you have them.  Do not rely on the calendar itself; it just provides reminders and links, not complete information on assignments.

Assignments, such as essays, are listed on the day they are due.  Abbreviations used in the Syllabus are all explained in the List of Abbreviations.

 Some links may not be active; some will become active only the week before the work is due and some may change as the semester goes on, so always double check. I recommend that you print out the calendars to use to schedule your class work, and possibly work for your other classes as well. But they may change. Always check the on-line calendar at the beginning of each week to see if there have been any changes.

Other work will be transmitted to you by e-mail. All reading assignments from the textbooks are chapter or section numbers, except when they  appear in parentheses. Numbers that appear in parentheses, for any reading, are page numbers. The abbreviation "W" introduces writing assignments. "WD" stands for "working draft."  The calendar also lists some significant college deadlines.

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