This Week's Work:  Monday, March 30

This is week 10 of the spring semester.  (We aren't counting last week, which was the spring recess.)  You should submit your weekly update by the end of the day today. 

Complete the following reading this week:

Select and read at least two articles not assigned in class that relate to the subject you are considering writing your third essay about.  Keep in mind that the subject area for essay three is Morality: Right and Wrong.  You may write on any moral issue.

Complete the following writing this week:

1.  Post in your group discussion board a trial thesis statement and summary of what you hope to say in your essay and a correct works cited entry and summary or abstract on at least two articles that you might use as evidence in your second essay.  These should be articles that were originally published in a print book or in print periodicals, though you may access them on the Internet.  Post your thesis and article summaries by Thursday.  Respond to the others in your group by Saturday.

3.  Reply to each of the postings with your analysis and criticism of the thesis statements and the articles.

You should have completed the following reading last week (the week before spring recess):

1.  Essays for peer review.

2.  Lewis, The Abolition of Man.

You should have completed the following writing last week:

1.  Your revised essay 2.

2.  Your essay self-evaluation

3.  Your peer reviews for essay 2. 

4.  Your discussion of Lewis, The Abolition of Man.

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