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This on-line area will give you all the information I usually provide in paper form to my classes. You can check here each week to find your assignments for that week. These pages provide an opportunity for you to contact me via e-mail with any questions you have. You might want to create a Bookmark for this page to allow you to skip my home page and jump right to your class pages.

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As you listen to the lectures, you might want to follow along with the PowerPoint presentations.  Here are the PowerPoint presentations:

Shakespeare Introduction
Renaissance Christian Humanist vs. Machiavellian world views

Henry IV, Part 1
Henry IV, pt 1 structure, speeches, and staging

Richard II
Richard II structure, speeches, and staging

The Merchant of Venice

Merchant structure, speeches, and staging

Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night structure, speeches, and staging


Hamlet structure, speeches, and staging Acts 1 and 2
Hamlet structure, speeches, and staging Acts 3 and 4
Hamlet structure, speeches, and staging Acts 4 and 5

King Lear
King Lear structure, speeches, and staging

As You Like It

Henry V

To hear students reading Shakespeare's Sonnets, click at either of these links:



For sample creative projects, please click here:

For a sample annotated bibliography on all Shakespeare click here.  You can also find annotated bibliographies for each individual play on the page for that play. 

And here is Chandler's project for Richard 2

There is a Blackboard Discussion area for this class.  Click here to sign on to Blackboard.

If you want to learn more about Shakespeare's life, the Globe Theaters, or explore interesting links connected with Shakespeare, click here to see Terry Gray's award-winning meta-Shakespeare page.

English 250 is designed for all students who are interested in Shakespeare, his plays, his sonnets, his popularity, and/or the performance of his works. This course will require that students read many plays and sonnets outside of class, react to those works by taking notes, write assigned papers, and participate in class discussions. Students will be invited to watch performances of Shakespearean plays on video or on the stage whenever possible. Read my rationale on the way this class will run and why, on the purpose for the various assignments, and on what I want students to get out of taking this course. Carefully read the requirements for this course and ask questions if you do not understand all the work you will have to do to pass the course. The syllabus will give you the week by week reading and writing requirements. You can see the separate assignments. I have included the reading and writing assignments and the due dates for final drafts. If you have questions to ask me, you might check the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page first, but if you don’t see your question and the answer there, please e-mail me your question. Please allow about a week for my response either personally or posted to the FAQ page.

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