Proctoring for full classes is limited to online courses only.  Contact the Math and Science Learning Center for more information. (760) 744-1150 x2718



The Online Proctoring Program at Palomar offers virtual proctoring for online assessments via Zoom facilitated by a proctor.

Online Proctoring sessions are held in a Zoom room, where students are placed individually into breakout rooms. They turn on their video in Zoom and share their entire desktop, not just the testing window. Proctors periodically join each break out room, but do not disturb the test taker. Any issues are reported by the proctor and sent to the test takers’ instructor.

The Online Proctoring Program at Palomar is conducted within Palomar’s secure Zoom account, and students are never recorded during the proctoring session. Palomar proctors are official Palomar employees who have gone through the hiring and screening process and are committed to Palomar’s Mission to respect each of our students’ experiences and support them to achieve academic success.

Students don’t need high-powered computers to participate. All they need is a basic computer with wireless service and a working camera. Palomar also has computer labs and wifi available on its campuses or students are welcome to come to the STAR Tutoring Center.

Online Proctoring Session Request Form


You will need a computer equipped with wifi, a camera and a microphone in order to take an online proctored exam. A cell phone is not recommended for this activity. Palomar College has several computer labs with computers you can use. STAR Tutoring, 3rd floor of the Library, has computers/laptops you can borrow for this purpose. Please plan ahead.

Step One: Get Registered

Your instructor will provide you the link for Online Proctoring. Select from one of the available slots. You may return to the registration page and change your slot up to 4 hours before your exam. You will receive an email with the Zoom address you will need to join on the day and time you selected.

When you join the Zoom meeting for your online proctoring session, you’ll be placed in the waiting room until the proctor can get you checked in. Once you’re admitted into the meeting, you’ll be asked to show the proctor your picture ID. We cannot administer your exams without it.

Step Two: Get Set Up in Your Breakout Room

Once you’re all checked in, the proctor will place you in a breakout room. Once you’re in your breakout room, turn on your camera and share your entire desktop, not just your test window, for the entire time you’re taking your exam. Begin your exam when you’re ready.

Step Three: Proctor Will Visit Your Breakout Room

A proctor will come into your room periodically, but won’t talk to you, or disturb you. They’ll leave your room and return periodically while you’re taking your exam. If you have questions about proctoring, you can ask your proctor, but please don’t ask them test-related questions. During your testing session, please avoid questionable behavior which includes but is not limited to turning off your camera, not sharing your screen,  viewing any other websites other than the testing site, as these actions could be considered cheating attempts. At the end of your session, the proctor will submit a report to your instructor if any questionable behavior is observed during your testing session.

Step Four: Return to the Main Room

When you’re finished with your exam, leave the break out room and return to the main room. Check in with the proctors to confirm you are finished, and then leave the meeting. Your instructor will receive a report of who attended online proctoring.