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‘Tenet’ Brings Viewers on a Mind-Blowing Journey

This sci-fi, action-thriller follows an unnamed CIA agent, the “Protagonist,” as he embarks on a dangerous, time-bending mission.

After rescuing an exposed spy and obtaining a strange artifact, the Protagonist is captured by Russian mercenaries. Tortured for information, his ultimate decision is to consume a cyanide pill. Once he wakes, he learns that the pill was a test of his loyalty, along with his team being killed, and the strange artifact lost.

The Protagonist is then employed by a secret organization called Tenet, and their sole purpose is to ensure the human race’s survival. He is sent to scientist, Barbara, that is studying bullets that have “inverted” entropy that allows them to move backwards through time. Her theory is that the bullets were manufactured in the future, along with a weapon that has the ability to wipe out the past.

The Protagonist has one mission: to prevent World War III.

This movie was enjoyable, but sometimes it was hard to follow. There were many moving parts to the movie and has a complex storyline. You may find yourself asking many, many questions during the film, and trying to piece together the mystery. It was one of those movies that you do not fully comprehend until the very end.

Some main elements that made this movie great was its cinematography, complex concepts, score, and narrative. Bending time is a subject that maintains the viewer’s focus, and dares you contemplate the dilemmas at hand. The locations where the movie was filmed were phenomenal, and had the classic spy movie vibe.

However, in my opinion the movie was anything but traditional. “Tenet” challenges the standard story arch, and is refreshing after a long time of repetitive and predictable action films.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in something new and mind-blowing. Along with stepping outside your house and braving the movie theaters, or rent it on a streaming service. In conclusion, “Tenet” is exactly what the action genre needed.

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