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An introvert’s view on quarantine: ‘You can have too much of a good thing’

In many aspects, being told to stay home and have limited interaction with other people is an introvert’s dream. And as a self proclaimed introvert, I can tell you that outside of school and work, life has not changed significantly as quarantine drags on.

For the most part, staying home has not been that bad. Before COVID-19, if I was not at school or work, you would find me at home. So, with the reality of quarantine going through May and possibly longer, there won’t be too many issues along the way.

Well sort of.

Introverts often use alone time to re-energize for the day. But just like everything else in the world, you can have too much of a good thing. Often times in quarantine I find myself feeling anxious because I have so much energy, yet no where to exhibit that feeling.

So to combat that, I have found different ways to keep myself occupied.

I picked up some new hobbies, walk my dog daily, play video games with my friends, and I still have online classes Monday through Thursday. Plus, I live with my family who I enjoy talking to.

But for an introvert like myself, the biggest issue with quarantine is not being alone but rather the unknown of the whole situation. Wondering when having the option to go out and live life as normal will be widely available again.

Because while staying home all day can be great. Not even having an option to go hang out with a friend for months can drive anyone crazy, including introverts.

While extroverts may have lost their minds a week into quarantine, myself and other introverts are holding it together almost two months in.

Staying occupied with things around the house that are in my control has helped quarantine come and go. But I do hope one day life goes back to normal so I can start avoiding people again without the government telling me to.






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