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The Perfect Quarantine Playlist

If you need some music to listen to in this time of quarantine, The Telescope has a new playlist called The Quarantine that will open your mind to new kinds of genres.

1.) “Stupid Deep” by Jon Bellion: This is an overall upbeat song that has a peppy rhythm and a strong message that will put you in the feels.

2.) “Sweet Creature” by Harry Styles: This is a ballad that is slow and meaningful and will make you think about your loved ones.

3.) “One Day I’ll Be Fine” by Kalvonix: Here is Tik Tok song that is R&B and is very powerful in its strong beat and catchy hooks

4.) “Rain on Me” by Fokin Osk: Here we have a famous R&B TikTok song that makes you want to sit inside on a rainy day and watch the rain fall.

5.) “Atlas: Touch” by Sleeping At Last: This is another TikTok song, but this is a ballad. It’s very slow and calming with a connection to hurt people.

6.) “Holocene” by Bon Iver: No matter what mood you are in, this ballad will put you straight in your feelings and make you feel like you are in a romantic movie.

7.) “No Time To Die” by Billie Eilish: This song was featured in the new James Bond movie and it has an intense orchestral push with a strong impact.

8.) “If the World Was Ending” by JP Saxe & Julia Michaels: This song is a perfect ballad to listen to while we feel like the world is ending right now.

9.) “Ocean” by Martin Garrix featuring Khalid: This song is a perfect song for a couple that is disconnected because of this quarantine. Its main message is that no matter what separates them, the couple is strong enough to stay together.

10.) “Video Games” by The Young Professionals: This rock spin on Lana Del Rey’s song Video Games is a very cool and different take on her message in the song. This is also an interesting perspective on the lyrics since the singer is a man.

11.) “We Fell In Love In October” by girl in red: Here is an upbeat song with a rhythm and a melody that will be happily stuck in your head for days.

12.) “my strange addiction” by Billie Eilish: Here is a cool and different song that is upbeat and has incorporated audio from the T.V. show The Office.

13.) “anxiety” by blackbear & FRND: This is a very upbeat and catchy song that embodies exactly how it feels to be apart from someone you love.

14.) “Memories” by Maroon 5: Here is a sentimental song that makes you feel like you need to just sit down and decompress your internal feelings of love.

15.) “everything i wanted” by Billie Eilish: This is an intense song with a leading piano hook that supposedly describes a dream that Billie Eilish had about jumping off of a bridge and how her brother saved her.



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