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Palomar’s Digital Broadcasting program halts amidst cancelation of in-person courses

The decision to close Palomar’s campuses has negatively affected the digital broadcasting arts program, according to school professors.

The DBA program, which utilizes the technology only provided on campus, has been halted after in-person classes were canceled to minimize the spread of coronavirus. TV production and directing (DBA 220), a class that offers students hands-on experience by allowing them to broadcast their own show, has been affected tremendously.

Serena Reid, the DBA professor who teaches DBA 220, explained how she will move forward with the semester. “I personally accept it as a challenge. It will give them the exposure of presenting news and information in a non-traditional manner.”

“Our job as media studies instructors is to try and replicate real world scenarios in an educational environment so that when you go on to your next adventure, you will be ‘battle-tested’ for most of the situations you will face. I think all of this just gives us an opportunity to think outside the box. This will test our creativity and it will test people’s desire.

Brad Gonzales, a student a part of the DBA program and DBA 220, shared his thoughts on the impact the virus has taken on the program. “It was a good move to shut things down for safety reasons. I was really hoping to gain more experience this semester, hopefully adding to my resume! However, I understand that health is more important. I think it would be better for everyone involved for this virus to be gone so we can get back to business as usual.”

The coronavirus is also affecting the radio program as well as students struggle to continue their education. Zeb Navarro, professor of the radio program, shared his input on how things have changed. “This has affected us tremendously. We just recently came back from New York after winning ‘Best Community College Radio Station’ and it is difficult to go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.” Navarro explained they have had to make some changes like cancel performances and interviews which has affected the last semester of some students.

Students are now focusing on the importance of script-writing as a solution during their Zoom class meetings as a way to fill their time. As for the radio program, they hope to start recording their segments from home.

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