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Serving creativity one dish at a time

We all know a plate when we see one, and maybe your grandmother even had those really detailed China sets with all of the flowers and spring-like pictures on them. However, these plates take it to a new level.

They say that art is something only the artist understands, but sometimes you can see the message or at least you see it in a way that relates to you. A recent exhibit at the Bohem Gallery tells its own story with “Concave but Mostly Flat”.

On the left side of the gallery, there were a collection of plates that did not have an artist attached to them, but they were downright mesmerizing. Portraits, beads, famous messages, interesting characters made from their mind and some from our past all on big and small plates. You can only imagine the amount of time and patience this must have required.

When looking at the Jeff Irwins’ plates, it was hard not to recognize how he transformed and beveled the plate to create his artwork. Each displayed on an Earthenware stand, which looks like a piece of wood. Almost with an Edgar Allan Poe feeling to his black and white plates.

One set that was particularly interesting was Kelly Schnorr’s “Non-Perishable”. She makes each of the plates look like a paper plate that has the remnants of dinner on it.

There are so many meanings someone could take from that, is she talking about the waste that we are putting into the world? Is she referencing to the time you spend with the people you eat with and not the meal? These are all held up by rods to showcase the plates and its almost humorous.

Each of Mary Cale Wilson’s art art pieces are not on plates, but seem to be made of clay. With the color and fun they bring to the exhibit, you cannot keep your eyes off of them. Each piece has a patterned backdrop with floral, plaid, and wash art, which gives some pop to the clay-made kitchen ware.

Jones Von Jonestein puts up pairs of plates with a picture and a story explanation underneath. Figures in time and ideals with a tale that can better help the on-looker to see what is intended.

All of these artists did a fantastic job at making what seems like just plates come to life and be a true work of art.

While it is not something you may want to eat off of, your eyes will struggle to wander away. It is an exhibit that is worth a few visits.


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