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Khalid and Disclosure

Khalid and Disclosure, finally collaborated and made us a song that is empowering and inspiring.

“Know Your Worth” was released Feb. 4

Many have known Khalid for his hit song “Young, Dumb, and Broke”, which describes high schoolers being poor but nonetheless, in love. Disclosure is known for accompanying artists such as Sam Smith and Eliza Doolittle in “Latch” and “You & Me”

Many artists collaborate with others to gain additional recognition and broaden their fan-base.

Disclosure brings a composition of music while Khalid writes and performs the song. In this feature, the lyrics arevery different from any collaborations seen in recent years.

Typically, songs describe unrealistic love expectations. This single is completely different than the popular songs these days. It emphasizes how you should always remember your worth. If the person you are with does not treat you well, then do not waste your time.

This song is so important to not only this generation, but the younger generations as well.

Lots of people rush into relationships just so they can have one, even if the person does not treat them well.

A psychologists named Robert Firestone, developed a term called “the fantasy bond”. “A fantasy bond is toxic to a relationship because it replaces real feelings of love and support with a desire to fuse identities and operate as a unit”.

In fact, according to The Daily Mail, 6 out of 10 people have stayed in their relationship even though they did not find them fulfilling. This song brings an important message to the youth and it is great that a popular artist is making an effort to normalize good relationship tendencies.

Overall, this song is a total bop.

When it comes to the beat and the meaning behind the lyrics and the catchy beat is mesmerizing. It is an amazing message to all the younger listeners and it pays homage to all that have been in toxic relationships.


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