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Overnight parking and Comet Hour: student government prepares for the upcoming semester

Story by Triniti Nowicki

Palomar will be seeing a lot of changes this year. According to President Linus Smith, “Palomar’s Associated Student Government is constantly making decisions in hopes to improve campus life.”

This semester the Comets Care committee is going to join representatives from behavioral health, student affairs, the Disability Resource Center, the counseling office, TRIO, and more to better help students.

These resources will be able to inform staff and students better while working with team effort. Students will no longer need to bounce between offices and feel like they haven’t been assisted properly. Instead with student resources working in collaboration, there will be less of a gap in help.

Smith has been working on getting overnight parking approved for students who sleep in their cars. He emphasized the importance of this issue, saying “Overnight parking would benefit a lot of students who face housing insecurity. There are not a lot of safe places for people to park and sleep.”

Smith is also looking to help make our campus more LGBTQI+ friendly within students and faculty. Improving awareness and representation of the LGBTQI+ people will help create a more comfortable and accepting environment.

ASG secretary Rachel Alazar mentioned that new events are being planned that students should be excited about.

Alazar said that Comet Hour, a meeting in the student union where students can speak with ASG representatives, is going to be reinvented.

She explained that students will be able to discuss events, meetings, and concerns with the ASG.

Alazar encouraged students to hear governing board meetings and visit new student centers for more resources. She also said that the Student Union is going to be renovated and improved in many ways during this semester.

Ana Del-Zio was interviewed and approved by the student government for the delegate position. There were nothing but smiles all around the conference room. ASG delegate Ana Del-Zio mentioned her excitement for this semester.

Del-Zio said that this semester she wants to “work towards improving student resources, creating a more accepting Palomar community, and improving overall campus life.”

According to Smith, ASG is working towards improving the Palomar experience. There are going to be more events planned for this semester and a lot of improvements to campus life that students can look forward to.

If students are interested in attending an ASG meeting, they meet on Fridays, 11:15 to 1:30 p.m. in SU-204.

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