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Did you even summer? A how-to-tell guide.

As we enter the fall semester and live out the rest of our summer vibes before heading into the land of pumpkin spice everything, let’s reflect.

Did you bask in the sunshine glory of the season? In other words, did you even summer? Here are a few ways to tell.

Scoop’s Ahoy, the flayed, Alexei. If these words mean nothing to you, did you even summer? If these words strike your heart, you watched Season 3 of “Stranger Things” and you loved it as much as housewives love Billy Hargrove in a pair of red lifeguard shorts. You now understand the significant difference between a strawberry and cherry Slurpee.

Bonus points if you killed the entire season in less than 24 hours.

You sat in a 4-D massage chair and almost bought a jacuzzi for a once-in-a-lifetime deal. You made regrettable fried food choices. You grinned and howled on rides in sheer terror as you internally feared for your life. And then complained about how expensive it all was. Maybe you saw that Palomar’s Telescope Newspaper and Impact Magazine won Best of Show (shameless plug). If this sounds familiar, you made it out to The San Diego County Fair. Way to summer!

It was a hot day, cravings kicked in and you reached for a piece of fruit. Maybe it was a peach or a mango. There wasn’t time for napkins or plates. You ate it over the sink like a savage as juice dripped all over your hands and face. Classic summer move.

Surely you had ice cream. Maybe you had shaved ice. But if you didn’t enjoy the two combined into one game-changing dessert called a Baltimore Snowball, did you even summer? For those who know, you know. For everyone else, do yourself a flavor favor and head to the Baltimore Snowball shack in Escondido and delight your sweet tooth.

Try one of their many combinations like The Elvis: peanut butter and banana shaved ice atop chocolate ice cream, drizzled with gooey peanut butter sauce. Or Ocean City Sunset: banana, orange and peach ice atop orange sherbert, surrounded by marshmallow fluff.

Just don’t go on Sunday, they’re closed.

Taking a scenic hike or catching an awesome sunset (don’t forget to post it) is great.
But did you spend an entire day in your pajamas, permanently attached to the couch?
Reaching your peak effort only to get up and answer the door for your pizza delivery. Now that’s a beautiful thing. And summer just isn’t complete if you don’t spend an entire day ignoring all your responsibilities and feeling guilty.

But alas, summer is coming to an end and it’s back to the grind. Time to dust off the pizza crumbs and lay your #hotgirlsummer to rest. And as the homework load begins to rise and your skin starts to pale, find comfort. Physical comfort, because at least you’re not covered in sweat from simply existing.

Image Sources

  • San Diego County Fair: The Telescope Newspaper | Used With Permission
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