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SPOILER ALERT: Speculation on Game of Thrones’ final season

Story by: Richard Contreras.

Winter will be coming early this year for fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones. With the first episode of its final season scheduled to air April 14, there’s just a bit of time left for newcomers to binge-watch the series’ 67 episodes.

While the show’s creators and cast have kept very tight-lipped about the upcoming plot, the internet has no shortage of speculation about what could be coming in the final 6 episodes. Here is a glimpse into some of the theories and plot twists floating around which may or may not be too terribly far-fetched. Be warned that there may be spoilers ahead.

Will Someone Betray Daenerys?

While not entirely made clear in the show, the books contain a prophecy that Daenerys will be betrayed three times – once for blood, once for gold, and once for love. While many fans believe the first two betrayals have already occurred – Miri Maz Durr when Khal Drogo dies (blood), and Jorah plotting to have her Killed for King Robert (gold) – the third is cause for much debate between fans about whether or not it will be Tyrion, Jaime, Jon, or Missandei.

Will Azor Ahai Be Revealed?

Throughout the show, fans have seen many references to the Lord of Light and the return of a legendary hero who defeated the white walkers during the Long Night. The red priestess, Melisandre, initially believed Stannis is this hero reborn, but later changes her mind in favor of Jon.

There is plenty of speculation on whether or not the true identity of Azor Ahai will be revealed in season 8 and who it will be. Several theories and clues seem to point ambiguously to Jon, Daenerys, or even Samwell being “the prince that was promised.”

It seems that the only thing we can expect with any certainty is that the final season will continue the show’s trend of drama, betrayal, intrigue, action, and death as it marches toward its epic conclusion.

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