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Samsung vs iPhone which is better? (iPhone)

The iPhone hype leads to big expectations. The iPhone is superior to its competitor Samsung Galaxy in many levels.

The last time I remember not owning an iPhone would probably be back in the 8th grade when they were nonexistent and I was stuck with a hand sized prepaid Nokia cellphone. From then on, I’ve stuck with the Iphone throughout the years without any intention to replace it.

Illustration by Savhanna Vargas, Alexis Szedlacsek and Victoria Bradley/The Telescope.
Illustration by Savhanna Vargas, Alexis Szedlacsek and Victoria Bradley/The Telescope.

Besides from feeling boujee when owning an iPhone, I feel that Apple is such an amazing and reliable company. Moreover, when one decides to purchase any type of product from Apple you know you are getting the very best quality. Each year Apple products get better and better developing new techniques.

According to each individual website (Apple & Samsung) the price for the Iphone 8 ranges from $699.00 to $949.00 (depending on the MG) and a Samsung s8 retails for $789.

The IOS keeps the Iphone winning, the IOS is an improvement and updates iphones regularly. Developing new techniques to better the iPhone use. Additionally, Apple carries many higher quality products such as Apple watches, ipods, ipads and many more in comparison to Samsung.

Moreover, Galaxies have a higher risk of catching a virus if a user decides to explore risky websites or download certain apps. In comparison, Apple does not experience viruses as often because their products have several security applications that block any viruses from invading a device.

In my opinion the Samsung camera quality is just awful. If one decides to share a memorable video from an iPhone to a Samsung best believe it will be in full pixelated quality. Additionally, one cannot depend on recording a full video of meeting Beyonce because it will result in a pixelated mess when shared and downloaded onto Youtube.

Additionally, Apple has “Face time” which is amazing when in long distance with loved ones. Face time is a one on one video chatting service that is great to feel like the person is actually in front of you.

Face time has a special meaning to me because it helps me connect with my grandma who I haven’t seen in years because she lives in a different country and we connect through video calls.

“Find my iPhone” is an amazing location-tracking app installed on iOS devices and Mac computers which can be beneficial if a device is lost or stolen to track it down. Additionally, the iPhone has a secure option to backup photos,videos,contacts, which is through icloud.

Furthermore, my iPhone 7’s has become my companion. Moreover, my iPhone has become my partner when driving and having my device plugged into bluetooth listening to my favorite Spanish jams to eating, watching vlogs on Youtube and facetiming my grandma in Mexico. Without the iPhone all of the above would not be possible in a non-time consuming factor. The iPhone is the very best in every sense of the word.


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