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Meet the clubs

Palomar clubs are offering opportunities for students to get involved on campus.

Seventeen clubs, focusing on a variety of interests, are currently registered with the Inter-Club Council, and they are looking for new members. These six were represented at Club Rush on Sept. 13.

The Botany Club is looking for new members that love nature and plants.

When asked why students should consider joining the Botany club, club President Christopher Kihano said “We’re a bunch of friends sharing an interest in botany and always looking for others to share it with.” He continued “… [We] are often out hiking different trails and enjoying the flora of the various areas.”

More information on the Botany Club can be requested at, or they can be followed on Instagram @palomarbotanyclub.

The Philosophical Outsiders has as their mission statement “To expose a wide array of contemporary moral and political issues through a philosophical lens with special attention paid to issues informed by gender, race, class, sexuality, and ability.” The club would like to encourage students of all majors, upbringings, and beliefs to join, wanting to be clear that it is not just for philosophy majors.

Meetings for the Outsiders Club are every other Thursday evening from 5:30-7 p.m. and held in room MD-206. Direct any questions to

Circle K International brochure stated that they “…are leaders of tomorrow. And, they’re energetic, dedicated young adults of today…”

Club President Katrina Lagdaan said “people should join Circle K International if they want to do volunteer work, gain leadership skills, and make friends with other people at Palomar and other schools in San Diego.”

Circle K meets every Tuesday afternoon from 1-2 p.m, on the SU Lawn. More information can be requested at

Hikers and Backpackers Club holds meetings every third Friday of each month at 2:30 in the afternoon, in room NS-135.

“The goal of the Hikers and Backpackers Club is to inspire, educate, and create a network for Palomar students who are interested in hiking regardless of their experience level,” said Lydia Keaty, the president of the club. “Our club’s focus is on the common interests of members with no mandatory hiking requirements.”

To find out more about Hikers and Backpackers, email

LDSSA, which stands for Latter Day Saint Student Association, is open to those wishing to explore their spiritual options.

Jack Armstrong, the club president, stated, “We are a group of students who enjoy serving others, learning the word of God, building friendships, and inviting others to do the same.”

To contact Armstrong directly, email

Music Scribes & Society Club is a group consisting of poets, lyricists, dancers, singers and musicians of various genres, including Rock, Classical, and Electronic.

Fluteous Maximus, who’s official title as “The Glo Man” is still in negotiations, says “Our club is for creators, innovators, and appreciators who want to make an impact, as well as people who want to develop in the art of self-expression.”

The Music Scribes and Society Club meets Wednesday from 2 – 5 p.m., and three other original founding members, Elijah Prince, Mark Eugenio, and Kosi the Bunguy still work hands on with Mr. Maximus. For more on this club, email

Many of these clubs have off campus events scheduled, giving students a chance to get away from studies and just focus on having a good time for a while. As the old proverb goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”


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