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While we all argue for equality, and it seems that we demand so much more, this isn’t to say that socialism over capitalism is the answer.

There’s a strong disregard in this country for people of lesser value, lesser status, and it seems that as our culture progresses, we leave people in the wake of our destruction. Often times we’re looking to change our system to a friendlier, “all for one” type of value that could lessen the blow of life and give us security. This, in essence, is socialism-the “spread the wealth” mentality that many believe would benefit our nation.

While it seems promising at first glance, there’s a reason our nation thrives, and its due to Capitalism, in which incentives create businesses, wealth, redistribution and market demand. The next small business owner has something worth fighting to get out on the market, and continually moves up the chain, leading to large corporations such as McDonalds, Subway, and Walmart, all prime examples of what small ideas and good marketing can lead you too.

If Socialism was mainstream in America, it would only create an economy of individuals who no longer worked hard, or desired to rise to the occasion. Incentives-positive ones are what lead you and I to work hard to get promoted, earn better money, make careers and live well.

With Socialism, we’re restricted in how much we make, forced to distribute it to all. It almost feels like a Robin Hood, “steal from the rich, give to the poor” mentality.

Many liberals point to the Scandinavian countries, arguing that they have a great socialistic system. Scandinavian socialism is about as far out of an idea as a perfect utopia would be today. While America works to keep us earning a guaranteed wage, countries such as Denmark and Sweden give that choice to the unions.

Bernie Sanders, former candidate for last year’s presidential campaign, argued the case of Democratic-Socialism saying that we, as Americans, should turn from our ways, because we’ve all been getting the short end of the stick up until this point.

So what do we lose then, going from a capitalist society to one of socialism? We lose freedom. We lose the right to move up and down on the scale of economic prosperity. We lose the negotiation of having choice in where and how we spend our money and in allocating our resources.

The beauty of this country is that we have individual rights, privately owned businesses and economic growth. The government doesn’t decide how all of my money must be spent. There is an economic ladder that rises and falls for each individual throughout their life. While there’s distinctions in class, you’ll find that anywhere, simply due to past history in race, language, and overall lifestyle differences.

Motivation drives the individual to work hard-profit motive gears them towards better growth.

This desire for freedom, for prosperity in our own individuals, is why socialism will never work.


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