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Top 10 Ways to Sleep Smarter and Better

College students are always busy. Basically, they are busy with study and work causing them to lose sleep. That affects so much of their school life.

To study effectively, students should know how to get some wonderful sleep. tells us that Top 10 Ways to Sleep Smarter and Better.

1. Knowing how to control your dreams. It is called Lucid Dream. According to the website, “Lucid dreaming opens up all sorts of possibilities for controlling where and how your dreams go. Teach yourself to lucid dream by keeping a dream journal and learning reality checks and dream extending techniques.”


2. Try a caffeine power nap. It is very simple. You just drink a cup of coffee and take only a 15-minutes nap. It leads your brain reboot.


3. Consider shortcutting a long nap by using a spoon. According to this website, “Lie down or sit in comfy seat holding a spoon in your fingertips. you should be holding it in a way that when you loose consciousness (sleep) you drop it.” It is how to shortcut a long nap. This interesting way of having nap was used by artist, Salvador Dali.


4. Tap into your “Blue Energy.” It is a meditation, which helps you to sleep well. It works very well to people who struggle in insomnia.


5. Use sleep to solve problems. Most of people have some problems in daily lives that actually bothers their sleep. So a solution could be closing eyes for moments help you trying to deal with problems.


6. Skip the alarm and set a radio wake up instead. It is because alarm-beeping sound does not make you to wake up nicely. The radio sounds more lead you to wake up with better feeling.


7. Embrace a power-nap. The power-nap means taking 20-minutes nap. Mastering the power-nap is always good to have a good condition.


8. Eat foods that are conductive to a better night’s sleep. Those are such as banana, oatmeal, potatoes and whole-wheat bread.


9. Exercise in the morning and evening. It leads you to sleep well at night.


10. Skip screens before bed. According to the website, “people who consume electronic media just before bedtime report lower-quality sleep even when they get as much sleep as non-pre-bedtime screenheads.”


There are some more information and details about Top 10 Ways to Sleep Smarter and Better in this website.

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