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The Frights fan the flames of Beach Goth

Marc Finn in the rear (drums), Mikey Carnevale left (vocals/guitar), Richard Dotson right (bass/vocals).
Marc Finn in the rear (drums), Mikey Carnevale left (vocals/guitar), Richard Dotson right (bass/vocals).

The band made up of Mikey Carnevale (vocals/guitar), Richard Dotson (bass/vocals) and Marc Finn (drums) played their set at 12:30 p.m. and kick-started day two of the event with their energetic beats.

The band, while not the most charismatic of the day’s performers, espoused a feeling of fun in their music. Dotson commanded a great deal of stage presence with his dancing about while jamming on the bass. Finn sat in the back drumming and grooving to the rhythms he was laying out for the band. Carnevale while primarily rocking about in place had some of the most enthusiastic vocals in the entire event.

The band looked like they were enjoying themselves onstage, which was welcome change of pace from the prior night’s headliners who looked like they could care less about the crowd. They worked the Surf rock feeling that is popular with the Beach Goth audience.

According to Carnevale, the band played:

  1. Tongues
  2. C & C
  3. All I need
  4. Crust Bucket
  5. Cold
  6. Add it up (a cover of The Violent Femmes)
  7. Submarines
  8. Beach Porn

The Frights are playing at 8 p.m. on Nov. 18 at the Teragram Ballroom with frnkeiro in Los Angeles.

To listen to The Frights click here or visit their website here.

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